Is Nantucket Tents Affiliated with Sperry Tents?
Yes we were formally Sperry Tents of Nantucket. In 2005 we bought out Nantucket Canopies, in 2010 we bought out Chase Canopies interests on Nantucket and became known as Nantucket Tents.

Is Nantucket the only place Nantucket Tents travels?
No we travel the country to set up for events. Please contact us for more information.

What happens when the weather is bad on the day of my event?
Weather is a big factor in any outdoor event. It effects scheduling, needs for additional equipment or possible cancellation of the event. We will do our best to accommodate any weather related problems that arise for your event.

Can you put a tent anywhere?
It is strongly recommended that a site visit is scheduled for the placement of the tent and the measurement of the space to be tented as the stakes and other factors will play a part in which tents you may put up at your venue.

Is white the only color tent you have?
No, our Sperry Tents come in Oyster (white) and Blue with White Stars. For a list of those tent sizes please browse the website gallery. We also have different flag colors and will be happy to help you choose the right tent for your event. Our structure tents only come in white.

I know Nantucket is a windy place, does this effect the installation of the tents?
All tents are not safe in Nantucket if the winds are over 40mph steady, with increasing gusts. They are temporary structures and can only withstand so much weather.

How many days can we have the tent for?
Our pricing is only for one day rentals. If you have an event that will run longer there is an extra fee for extra days.

What happens if during our event we need something only a Nantucket Tents employee would be able to do?
We strongly suggest having an on site attendant to assist in your event. This gentleman would be on site for a 4 hour period during your event to assist in putting up and taking down sides and general tent maintenance.

Can you put a Sperry Tent anywhere?
Sperry Tents are only available if we can stake into the surface where they need to be set up. Our structure tents can be put on any surface because we can anchor with water barrels or other anchoring options.

What if I have an irrigation system in my lawn?
We strongly recommend that you, your caretaker or the irrigation company flag all sprinkler heads before tent install.

Do I need a floor in my tent?
It is not required but floors are ideal for both beaches and uneven surfaces. We have different flooring options, please contact us with any questions regarding flooring.

Does my tent require a permit from the town and who takes care of that?
All tents over 150sq ft require a tent permit from the Town of Nantucket. Our office staff will take care of the paper work for the permits. There is also an administration fee included in the price of the permit.

What about if I wanted a tent on the beach, does that require extra permitting?
The Town of Nantucket requires a beach permit for any event on a public beach. You may aquire this permitting information from the Town Building on Federal Street at the Town Managers office in Nantucket or by visiting

What kind of lights do you offer in the tents?
We offer many different lighting options for our tents. Please see our gallery of photos and give us a call with any questions.

Will the flooring ruin my grass?
If flooring is laid down on grass surfaces for longer than 3 days it may discolor the grass but it will not kill the grass.

Additional Information:
Tents in Nantucket will get condensation on the inside of them in the morning. We recommend that you not set the tables up for the event until the day of as the tents do sweat if not properly ventilated. If you have AV equipment in the tent it is imperitive you tarp it so as not damage the equipment. Nantucket Tents is not responsible for any damaged or ruined equipment.